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Excellent Team

Team leader: Yao Heping, Chairman and General Manager

· Professor-level senior engineer, senior certified public accountant in China

· National Model Worker (The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council)

· National Outstanding Private Entrepreneur Caring for Employees (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, All-China Federation of Trade Unions)

· Excellent Entrepreneur of Anhui Province (Anhui Provincial Government)

· Leading technical talents in Anhui Province (Organization Department of Anhui Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Provincial Department of Science and Technology)

· Anhui Province Model Worker, National Light Industry System Model Worker (Anhui Provincial Government, National Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security)

· Hefei Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award (Hefei Municipal Government)


Excellent Team

· The average age of Anli employees is 29 years old. They enjoy high edncation degrees and form reasonable talent structure, making the whole enterprise energetic and vigorous.

· There are about 80 people owning master degree or doctor degree. About 1000 people have finished junior college or earned bachelor degree. More than 40 people have the title of a senior professional post.

· The proportion of tech staff who have finished junior college or above is over 40%.

· Most of the core members enjoy more than 10 years of experience in polyurethane synthetic leather industry. Not only are they well-trained, skilled and experienced, they are also innovative and full of initiatives.


ANLI  ——   Constantly transcending eco-function material expert

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