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Automobile Interior Decoration
Automobile Interior Decoration
Composite materials for automotive interiors
Visual perception:
ANLI non-solvent composite material for automobile interior decoration has strong stereoscopic impressionin surface details and good patterning effects in texture;
Good coverage:
plump, good elasticity, sense of quality, good covering, and beautiful appearance.
Good texture:
the color of the surface is extraordinary, showing magnificent but natural color and gloss as well as various textures.
Excellent environmental performance:
ANLI's solvent-free automotive interior uses composite materials and innovative solvent-free processing technology. It has excellent environmental performance, free of organic tin, heavy metals, azo, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc., and free of PFCs. ANLI was approved to use the international green leaf logo known as the "Green Pass" and passed Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Confidence in Textile, ISO14001 Environmental Management System, ISO14024 (China Environmental Labeling Type I Product) and China Ecological Synthetic Leather Certification.
Good odor:
no bad odor, excellent odor performance, suitable for enclosed spaces in automotive interiors.
Sense of touch:
It feels soft, natural, and smooth, which provides a good sense of touch and is people-friendly.
High durability:
ANLI non-solvent composite material for automobile interior decoration has extraordinary high performance in anti-hydrolysis and durability. As required by the clients and confirmed by Anli, the durability of the material can reach over 10 years.
Good anti-abrasion performance:
special material has been selected and advanced technology has been applied. The anti-abrasion performance of the surface is extraordinary, way better than the basic requirements for automobile interior decoration materials.
Extraordinary physical performance:
— Good tear strength; high breaking force; good flexural strength.
— High seam strength; good performance in seam slippage.
— Good light fastness and aging resistant performance.
— Good color fastness; color won’t fade away easily; perspiration-proof.
— Good chemical resistance; good solvent resistance performance.
Multiple functions:
— Easy decontamination: Anli confirms that the trace of tea, milk, coffee, oil, ball pen and printing ink can all be easily wiped out, that is to say, the surface can be easily cleaned so that the decoration could last longer and remain new.
— Flame-retardant: As required by the clients and confirmed by Anli, the material can satisfy the international and domestic flame-retardant standards, such as FMVSS302, GB-8410 and so on. In this way, it can provide the users with more guarantee for safety against fires.
— Anti-bacteria and anti-fungus: As required by the clients and confirmed by Anli, the material can curb the spread and proliferation of bacterial and fungus on the surface. The international anti-bacteria and anti-fungus standards, such as ISO22196-2011 and ASTM G21-2009, can be fulfilled.
Continuous and excellent quality assurance:
ANLI has advanced management, complete testing equipment, and implements the ISO9001 comprehensive quality management system. Its product quality continues to be excellent.
Fast and orderly delivery guarantee:
ANLI has advanced technology, sufficient production capacity, excellent production management, high efficiency, fast product delivery, and strong continuous supply capacity.
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