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Anli ecological functional polyurethane synthetic leather is a new type of fashionable, elastic, multi-functional, and environmental-friendly polymer composite material perfect with handfeeling. It is a wonderful hi-tech material in both life and engineering.
ANLI —— Constantly transcending eco-function material expert
Fashionable, good quality, good quality

Appearance:Colorful, novel pattern, diversified, unique style, fashion leader. With real leather effect or unique textile style.

Texture:Feels good and real as if it’s genuine leather. Soft and elastic, a perfect integration of strength and beauty.

Light and comfortable:It’s light, slim and comfortable. The final products are light and strong, meeting people’s current needs for lightness and comfort.

High performance:High peeling strength, high breaking force, anti-abrasion & scratch, easily-bending under normal temperature, cold-resistant, anti-acid and anti-alkali, anti-yellowing, anti-aging, anti-hydrolysis, solvent resistant, excellent chemical resistance. All these add to excellent comprehensive performance.

Multi-function:Can be cleaned easily, waterproof and breathable, flame-retardant, anti-bacteria and anti-fungus, etc.

Ecological and environmental-friendly:Ecological, functional, low-carbon and fashionable.

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