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Architecture Decoration
High-quality polyurethane synthetic leather for decorative engineering
Visual perception:
strong leather or novel and fashionable fabric style;
Plumpness and good texture:
soft, plump, delicate touch, good elasticity;
Excellent physical properties:
— Good tear strength and suture strength;
— Surface abrasion and scratch resistance;
— Good light and aging resistance;
— Good color fastness, not easy to fade, anti-sweat, good color stability, good yellowing resistance;
— Good chemical resistance and solvent resistance;
The product can have good durability, acid resistance, alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and long service life. According to customer requirements, confirmed by ANLI, the product can reach 5 to 20 years of durable performance.
Super decontamination function:
Tea, milk, coffee, oil stains, ball-point pen printing and other stains often appear in life, which is difficult to clean. According to customer requirements, confirmed by ANLI, the product can provide super easy decontamination function, with special features such as antifouling, easy decontamination, and easy cleaning. The stains on the product can be easily wiped off, and the product is easy to clean and maintain;
Super flame retardancy:
the product can reach international flame retardance standards such as BS5852, USA.CA117, FMVSS302, and provide users with better flame retardancy protection and safety;
Anti-bacterial & mold proof function:
As per customers’ requirements and confirmed by Anli, products can prevent the invasion & survival of bacteria and fungi. Reach the international standards as ISO22196-2011 and ASTM G21-2009 to guarantee healthy and comfortable life and improve customer’s life quality and health level;
Excellent environmental performance:
Does not contain organotin, heavy metals, azo, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc., can be free of PFCs, low DMF content, up to less than 5PPM limit requirements The company has passed the international green leaf lable, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO14024 (China Environmental Labeling Type I Product). According to customer requirements, as confirmed by ANLI, products can meet environmental protection requirements such as REACH、ROHS、EN-71-3、DIN38407(ISO17353)、EN14362(AZO)、DIN53315、DIN53314(EN ISO17075)、EN 2006 122 EC(PFOS)、EN 2005 69 EC(PAHS).
Continuous and excellent quality assurance:
ANLI has advanced management, complete testing equipment, and implements the ISO9001 comprehensive quality management system. Its product quality continues to be excellent.
Fast and orderly delivery guarantee:
ANLI has advanced technology, sufficient production capacity, excellent production management, high efficiency, fast product delivery, and strong continuous supply capacity.
ANLI Product Application
Kempinski Hotel Decoration
George W.Bush, President of the UnitedStates of the library interior decoration
Qatar Doha Seven Star torchhotel interior decoration
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