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Employing Concept


ANLI Human Resources Management System

 Guiding ideology
·  To be people-oriented, human resource is enterprise’s first resource.

Two kinds of capital
·  Attach important to both “money capital” and “human capital”.

Two growth objectives  
·  ANLI is committed to “brain” and “pocket” growth of employees.

·  Committed to the goal of giving employees both "money" and "prospects" .

Three kinds of wealth
·  Create “intellectual, money and spiritual” wealth.

ANLI People-oriented Philosophy

·  ANLI evaluation criteria for selection and employment, performance appraisal, and job promotion are “struggle-oriented”, “creating value for the company” and “performance-oriented”, respecting employees and strictly demanding employees, with both leniency and strictness. Rewards and punishments are clear.

ANLI People-oriented Philosophy

·  Full employee understanding, care, respect, love, trust and sharing;

·  Allow employees to be the source of creativity.


ANLI HR Policy

·  Manufacture excellent products and cultivate excellent employees; 

·  Construct benefit and destiny community of employees and enterprise, so that employees and enterprise can grow and develop jointly.


ANLI View of Talent

·  Our view of talent is to prefer and put in important position the employees who are aggressive, hardworking, competent and fruitful, give opportunity to those aggressive, provide stage for those competent, and offer position to those fruitful. Specifically, employees with the following characteristics will be preferred:

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