Happy ANLI

ANLI has always regarded employees as the company’s most valuable asset, and taken “creating opportunities for employees” as one of the company’s missions. To this end, on the basis of enhancing enterprise overall competitiveness and promoting sustainable growth of enterprise, the company establishes broad, diverse and combined salaries & benefits and security system, steadily improves employees’ income, develops employee welfare, creates growing space for employees, and thus achieves joint development of enterprise and employees.

Broad and diverse pay and benefits system

The company's salary and welfare system is broad and diverse, and the mechanism is flexible. On the basis of insisting on distribution according to work, certain special rewards will be given to outstanding employees with outstanding performance and whose reasonable recommendations have been adopted; employees will also be encouraged to grow and advance through salary and welfare measures such as enterprise annuities, employee stock ownership plans, housing assistance, and car use for key employees.

Good benefits

  Free employee dormitory, government rented house

  Holiday benefits

  High temperature allowance, free cooling supplies

  Free regular medical examination

  Free working meal, free overtime dinner, and convenient breakfast

  Free work clothes (summer, winter)

  Free shuttle, free sending home during the Spring Festival, and reimbursement for return trip fare after the Spring Festival

  Subsidies for car purchases for employees with outstanding contributions

  Housing Funding Program for Outstanding Employees

  Shareholding plan and option incentive plan for key employees

  Send employees to study, train, visit, business, travel, etc. at home and abroad

Comprehensive social security

  Five insurances and one fund: pension, medical treatment, work injury, unemployment, maternity insurance and housing provident fund

  Enterprise annuity (voluntary application by employees)

  Supplementary reimbursement system for medical expenses of employees and their only child

  Personal accident medical insurance for some key employees

  Visits and condolences to injured and sick employees and their relatives

  Visits and condolences to retirees

  Funding programs for impoverished employees

  Mutual Caring Fund for Employees

Career Development

  The company attaches great importance to improving employees’ knowledge and quality, arranges a variety of skill and knowledge trainings for each employee, such as induction training for new employees, regular skill training, training by external experts, overseas learning and training for excellent employees, so as to promote employees’ brain and pocket growth.

 The company encourages employees to receive in-service training and obtain relevant qualifications and job classifications, and provides certain funds and awards for them.

 The company has set up three development channels for the development of employees: management, professional technology, and technicians; the development channels can be switched between each other; the development and selection of outstanding employees are not restricted by channels and levels, and they are promoted to higher levels as appropriate.

Rich entertainment activities

 The company has beautiful and well-equipped activity room, gym, billiard room, table tennis room, electronic reading room, etc. for employees' entertainment.

 The company actively carries out various forms of cultural and recreational activities such as knowledge competitions, walking, mountain climbing, table tennis, Guandan poker game, badminton playing, employees’ families  "visiting ANLI", annual meetings, etc., organizes excellent employee representatives to travel abroad, and enriches the amateur cultural life of employees , strive to enhance the happiness of employees, and truly achieve happy work and happy life.