Children’s Shoes

High-quality polyurethane synthetic leather for children's shoes

Hand feeling: Soft and full hand feeling, high resilience and rare folding;

Many varieties and high grades:colorful, novel patterns, diverse varieties, unique style leading fashion;

Excellent overall performance:

——Good solvent and stain resistance;

——High peeling strength, tearing strength, breaking strength, bursting strength and stitching strength;

——Good flexural resistance and cold resistance at normal temperature, can reach -20 ℃, high cold flexural resistance over 80,000 times; be able to withstand -20 ° C, more than 80,000 times of deflection;

——Good abrasion resistance, the surface is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, and the upper is not skinless and does not fade;

——Good color stability, good yellowing resistance;

Good safety protection performance: excellent product performance, good dimensional stability, and provide the best protection for children;

Good durability: it can have excellent acid, alkali and hydrolysis resistance, which can meet the needs of children in different environments;

Good molding ability: Easy for cutting, high frequency and thermal cutting;

The finished product has a good molding effect:the finished sports shoes have a good shaping effect and are not easy to deform when worn;

Anti-bacteria and mould proof: According to customers’ requirement and confirmed by Anli, products can prevent the invasion & survival of bacteria and fungi. Reach the international standards ISO22196-2011 and ASTM G21-2009 to guarantee the healthand comfort of children;

Excellent environmental performance:Does not contain organotin, heavy metals, azo, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc., can be free of PFCs, low DMF content, up to less than 5PPM limit requirements The company has passed the international green leaf lable, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO14024 (China Environmental Labeling Type I Product) . According to customer requirements, as confirmed by ANLI, products can meet environmental protection requirements such as REACHROHSEN-71-3DIN38407(ISO17353)EN14362(AZO)DIN53315DIN53314(EN ISO17075)EN 2006 122 EC(PFOS)EN 2005 69 EC(PAHS).

Continuous and excellent quality assurance: ANLI has advanced management, complete testing equipment, and implements the ISO9001 comprehensive quality management system. Its product quality continues to be excellent.

Fast and orderly delivery guarantee: ANLI has advanced technology, sufficient production capacity, excellent production management, high efficiency, fast product delivery, and strong continuous supply capacity.