Excellent Quality. Demonstrate Strength

Brand Concept

Brand strategy is an important measure for a company to take brand as a competitive force, and it is a business management strategy to obtain differentiated profits and values. Strengthen our influence and comprehensive competitiveness through corporate strategy.

ANLI’s brand strategy

Under the guidance of brand strategy, the company always adheres to good business ideas and behaviors, strives to improve quality, variety, conducts and character, continuously expands the company's brand awareness, enhances brand trust, and increases the company's brand reputation.

ANLI’s Five concept

Leading position comes from technology. Quality comes from strength

Our company possesses the world-leading testing and analysis platform, equipped with advanced GC-MS(Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer), LC(Liquid Chromatogram), ICP Spectrometer, Infrared Spectrometric Analyzer, DSC(Differential Scanning Calorimeter), DMA(Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer), Microcomputer-controlled Electronic Universal Test Machine, Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Machine, Ultralow Temperature Cold-resistant Tester, Fire Retardant Lab, etc. These first-class testing apparatus guarantee the effective test and analysis on the physical and chemical property of polyurethane resin and the synthetic leather. In the meantime, parameters concerning environmental-friendliness performance such as methanol, heavy metal, Chromium VI, phthalates can be well tested. All these have made us one of the best-equipped and most advanced quality control and test centers in synthetic leather industry.