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Our company is national key hi-tech enterprise and state-certified enterprise technology center. We own national postdoctoral scientific research station and leading independent innovative ability. With complete set of equipment for technological development and trial-manufacture, our company is one of the most advanced product technology R&D centers.

Focusing on polymer composites, new nano-material, ecological functional polyurethane synthetic leather and other hi-tech areas, our company tries to make breakthroughs on the structure, function, integrated application of polyurethane synthetic leather and composite material. We actively develop and apply water-based and solvent-free skills to realize low-carbon and green production. Our target is to make contribution to the technological upgrade and transformation of global polyurethane synthetic leather industry and manufacture fashion & beauty, green polyurethane synthetic leather new material and products of high quality, minimum resource consumption and proprietary intellectual property right.

Located in Hefei, Anhui Province, a city of science and education in China, our company is the “Model enterprise combining production, studying and research in Anhui Province”. Aided by the abundant scientific and educational resources in Hefei, Anli sticks to the R & D pattern of combining production, studying and research together. We have established long-term cooperative partnership with many universities and colleges including University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei Institute of Material Science at Chinese Academy of Science, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University, Hefei University, Anhui Jianzhu University, Anhui University of Science and Technology, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology and so on in terms of various programs and talent training, etc. During the process, we take the most advantage of the best science think tank, talents and technology in order to constantly improve our company’s innovative ability and to promote sound and rapid enterprise development.

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